AndroidTV Installation Instructions


Watch FASTV on Android TV

In order to install FASTV app for Android TV, follow these steps below

Download Instructions
Step 1

Select the Play Store icon in the Applications column.

Step 2

Then select the title “search” and enter “NoraGO”. After entering NoraGO from the keyboard, press the "Done" key.

Step 3

Select the NoraGO icon by pressing the “OK” button on the remote control.

Step 4

Click the "Install" button. After installation, open the application.

Step 5

Enter your Username and Password so you can activate the FASTV app.

To get your username and password please check your email or call us and we can provide this for you.

Having Trouble Installing FASTV?

If you are having trouble installing FASTV, please feel free to contact us below and we will help you install it.

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